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Establishment of an International Academic Society for Trapped Charge Dating

Final working group recommendations for establishment of an academic association for luminescence and ESR dating [PDF]. Please join the presentation of the working group during the LED on Wednesday, 15 September 2021 at 15:30 UTC. See the LED webpage for details and instructions.

At the last LED2017 meeting in Cape Town there appeared to be strong support for the establishment of an international academic society for trapped charge dating as proposed by the Scientific Advisory Committee of LED2017. The agreement was to form a working group (WG) that would clear the path for setting up an Association. It was suggested that this working group be formed based on elections at regional meetings. It was also suggested that discussion sessions are held at the regional meetings to inform the elected representatives about key issues regarding the constitution. An e-mail was sent out by Regina DeWitt, Geoff Duller, and Jan-Pieter Buylaert summarizing the discussion and suggesting discussion topics for the regional meetings.

Based on discussions and elections at regional meetings the Working Group was formed in June 2019 (see list of members) and Sumiko Tsukamoto was elected as Chair of the Working group. The Working Group is in the process of discussing the suggested topics. Several recommendations have already been made.

This webpage serves as the central hub for the ongoing discussion and recommendations.

Regional Meeting Discussion Summaries

Ongoing Working Group Discussions and Recommendations

Examples of Comparable Associations and their Constitutions